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Merrie prides herself on her ability to build strong relationships with her clients. She understands your life and space needs and works hard to customize each experience so that you get the greatest return from her services.

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A Letter from Lynne

After moving three times in four years during a period with lots of overtime, long commutes, travel and two young children, our lives had become completely unmanageable and the most dramatic physical evidence was in the appearance of our home. That was the thing on the bottom of the list when there wasn’t enough time. After the last move in July 2002, we had become almost completely paralyzed. We wasted countless hours looking for necessary items and important papers…hours that weren’t available to spend on cooking, exercise, socializing and family fun. We needed scissors and didn’t buy any because we owned at least 10 pairs – 10 pairs we could not find. When we searched the boxes for scissors, we found box after box of possessions we’d forgotten we owned and…no scissors.

I’d read lots of organizing books and actually know a fair amount about how to do it, but our house had just become completely overwhelming and we couldn’t face tackling it without a huge mental effort and big blocks of free time – both hard to come by. Hardly anything has a place and we didn’t know where anything was. Even the packed boxes were a jumble…I opened one with winter boots, whiskey, fancy guest soaps, light bulbs and a shower curtain…among other things.

We tried to group things and find them a home, but then later more of that item would turn up and the selected home was then too small – and the appropriately sized potential homes were already packed with stuff. I left like I was living inside of one of the those number shuffling puzzle square with the single open spot and that I’d never be able to solve it.

When the holiday season came and my husband asked for no gifts whatsoever because we were drowning in things, I new we needed help. Our things were controlling us instead of serving us. We had CHAOS (can’t have anyone over syndrome) and our social life and that of our kids was suffering too. So for my husband’s gift, I arranged time with a professional organizer, Merrie. We’re both professionals and value the expertise that professional can bring to a problem.

I was impressed with her questions and care during the consultation. She made it clear that solutions varied by personality, habits and needs and that there was actually such a thing as over-organizing. She wanted to accommodate the ‘person’ that you are, no the ‘person’ you think you should be. She wanted to fit our priorities and expend time in a way that would be most useful, calming and satisfying to us, while providing professional opinions based on her experience. I knew I didn’t need help choosing containers or deciding to part with junk – although some people do. We just needed help plowing through our stuff so we could find things. Merrie proposed literally sorting our entire house and putting everything into categories such as adult clothes, kid clothes, craft supplies, gardening stuff, kitchen and entertaining, tools, books, etc. She planned to open and gross sort just about every box.

We got an estimate, scheduled a few days in January and February of 2003 and Merrie worked the first day alone. When I got home that first night, my jaw fell to the floor in disbelief even though I had high expectations!!! She did in one day what would have taken tow of us (with kids in the house) literally a week to do. (1 Merrie hour equals about 10 or more mere mortal hours.) She gave us hope! Merrie continued to work – sometimes with one of us, sometimes on her own. I liked how she carted off all our discard pile and made a point to fulfill special requests…the jobs got finished and didn’t drag. All together, Merrie worked three or four days total, in increments that fit the work. I can honestly say it’s just about the best money I ever spent. Not only did rooms get cleaned up, but we learned additional skills that we’ve continued to apply. Even my kids are junior organizers now.

We spent much of the next few months continuing to sort, purge and organize as time permitted. One huge project was going through all the paper files – and all the loose paper in the house. Another big one was purging adult clothes in a variety of sizes and vintages. Another was going through toys – some of which hadn’t seen the light of day for a while. Merrie checked in one or two times at our request, and although there were sometimes a few steps back, we continued to make progress.

Now, that we’re literally on the home stretch, we invited Merrie back again for a day to give us a bug boost toward that light at the end of the tunnel. I can’t wait – I know we'll be parking two cars in the garage when she leaves tomorrow!

Lynne Y.

A Letter from Nancy

I have been running a Creative Memories home business for almost twelve years. I enjoy my work and my business has been successful. However, a problem was draining the pleasure from my business: my lack of organizational skills.

When I hired Merrie Warner to help me bring order to my office, I made the following observations:

  • She approached her job with much enthusiasm. Each time Merrie came to work alongside me, she entered my office like there was no place she’d rather be. She always made me feel as though she loved her job and that she loved helping me bring order to my chaos.
  • She treated me with great respect. She wouldn’t allow me to put myself down because of my lack of organizational skills; she didn’t allow me to be embarrassed at this area of struggle in my life. I deeply appreciated this, because when people have a weakness in this area, we tend to feel like we are lazy or less-skilled. Merrie always encouraged me and wouldn’t let me feel that way.
  • She didn’t organize my office in a way that worked for her, instead, she wanted to make it work for me. She kept asking, “How does your brain think?” She wanted to know what would work for me so she could develop an organizational strategy that was personalized for my own thinking and specific business.
  • As I work around my office now, I still “hear Merrie’s voice,” guiding me to workable solutions for maintaining order in my office and home. She not only gave me tools but she also gave me a hope and a vision – all three are very important for those who struggle in this area.

Nancy G.

A Letter from Eileen

Merrie Warner gave me a new lease on life with her organizing skills. I have never been well organized, but in the last two years, with the death of my husband and my seventieth birthday, matters became rather serious; important papers could not be found, bill were not paid on time, etc. Also, there was quite a bit of clutter in the house.

How wonderful that there is a professional organizer in the Binghamton area! I got in touch with Merrie, knowing something had to be done, but thinking I would be dealing with a very controlling and disdainful person. For from it! Merrie was fun to work with, amazingly understanding of my plight, and sensitive to what would work for me. We both worked hard, but Merrie is the hardest worker I have ever known. She not only helped me clear out the whole house and organize all my papers, she taught me ways of keeping everything in order. I wondered whether I would slip back into my old ways, but now I know that won’t happen, because I am so happy with the neatness and order in my life. All the anxiety, conscious and unconscious, caused by chaos and clutter, is gone. I know right where to find everything, and it is a joy to come home to an uncluttered house.

In addition to working with me to sort and file, Merrie hauled away garbage, recyclables, and items which could be used by others.

This was one of the best investments I ever made, and Merrie is one of the finest people I have known. I recommend her without reserve.


Helen’s Testimony

Merrie Warner from “America, Get Organized!" came to my home to help me organize my sewing room. She arrived at the appointed time with her note book in hand and a “let’s get busy” attitude. We sat and talked a short time about what I wanted to accomplish, then we got busy. She made some suggestions about where to start. Merrie left me with the feeling that everything we did was my idea. It was obvious she had some professional training. Those were two hours well spent. We cleared out a lot of useless junk and packed up bags of useable things to be donated to a worthy cause. Merrie even loaded my donated stuff in her vehicle and took it away for me.

Now, several weeks after Merrie’s visit, I am still clearing out. I can still hear her little voice in the background saying to me “do you really want/need that “? Most of the time I tell myself “NO, I don’t want/need that” and out it goes.

I have known Merrie for several years and have had occasion to visit her home. She manages her large family and personal life in a very organized way. She is a happy, cheerful, very friendly lady and I recommend her services to all of my friends.

Helen M. (Crafty Grama) Ferrigno