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Working professional support services

Life is hectic, especially for working professionals that have to balance work and their busy home life. Merrie relishes working with these clients in the area of organizing because it has such a profound effect on so many crucial areas of their lives. Whether it's just some fine tuning of their paper trail system or a complete household overhaul, she can help anyone achieve their organizing dream.

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Merrie will teach you that any area of the household can be organized: storage areas, paper trails, home business, children’s items, laundry issues, room function, getting phone messages to the person who needs them, getting Aunt Sue’s dish-to-pass dish back to her, anything!

Not only can she organize your living space, she will also help you better manage your time. Things you never thought you could get a grip on won’t seem so daunting once it’s properly addressed. Merrie truly can make peace out of chaos, not only improving the efficiency of your household but also giving you a greater peace of mind!