Merrie's Organizing Mania, Binghamton NY
Merrie's Organizing Mania, hope, help and empowerment

The Process

  • 1 Assessment (Learn more at our FAQ page)
  • 2 Hands on work
  • 3 Transfer of organizational skills related to your circumstances
  • 4 Homework assigned, if appropriate
  • 5 Develop a system for your needs
  • 6 Create a map and/or index to relocate items
  • 7 Develop a future game plan for you to continue the project
  • 8 Set up SUPPORT CALL appointment
  • 9 Disperse discarded items (including electronics and packing materials) to charity, dump, shredding, etc.
  • 10 Increased peace of mind, productivity, enjoyment of free time
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