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Services - Moving Efficiency

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Can you imagine how much stress it would take off your shoulders to have a professional organizer help you purge, organize and do the hard work of packing?! You’d arrive at your new house all organized, without having dragged the last 6 years of unfiled papers with you - all loose in the box, still nagging to be processed. Merrie can help you get ready for your move in the most efficient way possible:

All similar items are together, boxes are clearly labeled for contents and destination, no trash is packed with the clean clothes, no outdated food is mixed in with the craft supplies, all of your discards are donated or taken to the recycling station.

Imagine INSTEAD actually getting unpacked the first week you arrive in your new house! WHY drag the move on by working on unpacking for a few hours each night after work, maybe for months? With Merrieā€™s help, the stress of a huge move can be lifted off your shoulders just by taking a strategic, organized approach.