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Merrie Warner of Merrie's Organizing Mania
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This spunky and enthusiastic woman was obsessed with being neat and tidy even back in Lodi, NY, while she was growing up near the shores of Seneca Lake.  When Merrie moved to Binghamton in 1986, she was able to capitalize on this innate need for order by opening her own cleaning business, all while attending college.  Her coursework in psychology and her intuitive understanding of human nature proved to be invaluable as she formulated her professional organizing business.  She formally opened Merrie’s Organizing Mania in 1992.   Merrie’s energy, positive, and thorough approach naturally lend themselves to her bringing order and sanity into even the worst chaos; she claims, “The bigger the mess, the better I like it!”  She has excelled with clients for over 30 years now, and even her close friends find themselves empowered by her tips, her instruction, and her cheer-leading.

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Merrie is wife to Rob for 28 years and mother to their six lovely daughters.  All are adults now, except one still in high school; and these beautiful girls have provided many an opportunity for Merrie to learn and grow in all areas of life, even in her organizing skills.  As she poured her life into her family and worked outside of the home as well, she formulated many strategies and techniques for efficient home life that she shares regularly with her clients.

Whether your chaos is in your home, business, or just in your mind: Merrie has the LIFE and PROFESSIONAL experience to help rid you of those roadblocks that keep you from gaining control of your life, and to help keep you on the Road to Peace through Merrie’s Organizing Mania!