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Meet Merrie!

Merrie Warner of Merrie's Organizing Mania

Merrie began developing the skills for her organizing career at a very young age. While growing up in Lodi, NY, a small town on Seneca Lake, she would play by finding fallen branches, breaking them into uniform lengths, and stacking them between trees. She loved how the forest floor and wood stacks looked, all tidy and neat – an orderly testament to her work. If she could organize the woods all those years ago, just imagine what she can do for you now, with all of the experience she’s gained since beginning her career in 1980.

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Merrie attended Davis College in Binghamton NY, where she received training in many areas, including psychology and human nature. She has been able to apply these skills daily in her work professionally organizing. While in college she also started her own cleaning business. Early in her cleaning career, she realized that the bigger the mess was, the better she liked it!

Merrie is also a wife, and a mother of six beautiful daughters. As you can imagine, her girls provide her with opportunities to learn and grow in all areas, including organizing! They continue to be a shaping force in her becoming who she is meant to be.  As a professional organizer, Merrie can extend this benefit to you, as well, helping you move closer to the whole person you are meant to be!