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Frequently Asked Questions - Answered by Merrie!

How much do you charge?

There are actually two components to the fee scale.

  1. The Assessment – A payment is required and due on the date of the assessment. On average, an assessment will take about two to three hours at a $90 an hour rate so you will need to budget accordingly.
  2. Project Quote – Work after the assessment is billed by project. As you can imagine everyone’s situation is different so prices will vary.

What happens at the assessment?

The assessment is pure gold. It allows me to:

  • Present myself to you, to see if you feel we can work together.
  • Ascertain how you arrived at your situation.
  • Discover what your dreams are and how you want things to look and operate.
  • Establish a plan.
  • Learn about you – your learning style, your personality, what motivates and demotivates you, how fast you make decisions, exactly how ready you are to get organized.
  • Go from the top of the house to the bottom, as needed, and formulate a customized plan. This plan may be carried out by me alone, you alone, or us together. 99% of the time we work together.
  • Troubleshoot scenarios that might lead you back into disorganization.
  • Figure out how to enlist the cooperation of your family, if applicable.
  • Gain insight regarding you and your family that you may have never realized in terms of how you may be working against each other relating to organization.
  • Work up a quote for the job.
  • Directively guide, support and encourage you should you decide to get organized on your own. Once I’ve seen your situation, I can help you very well over the phone, and I provide support calls and visits if you wish.
  • Enable you to work through your situation as a whole, and begin to see it through different eyes. You can see a light at the end of the tunnel, and you can pick up on my excitement and vision for your project.
  • Recommend other support people to you as I see the need - housecleaner, filer, handyman, carpenter, etc.

A payment is required and due on the date of the assessment. On average, an assessment will take about two to three hours at a $90 an hour rate so you will need to budget accordingly.

How long will it take me to get organized?

It depends on what needs to be done and at what speed you need it to happen. Be prepared to be stunned and amazed at the speed and efficiency I can lead you to achieve!

Will Merrie be harsh like they are on some TV shows?

Absolutely not. Professionally yet compassionately I will help you decide what items deserve to take up your living space and help you find a good home for those that don’t. We’ll establish sensible places for everything in your home, and set up simple, practical and customized systems to keep things in order.

How can you possibly know what to do with my stuff when even I don’t?

This question can be especially true for those with paper issues. The answer is simple. I am highly trained, profoundly experienced and this is what I do!

I’m so embarrassed. How can I bring myself to show you my mess?

It’s completely normal to feel that way, and most people realize in minutes that I don’t judge – I am here to help. For me, this is just another day at the office and I love what I do.

I’m afraid you won’t be able to help me. Does that ever happen?

No. If you are ready to get organized, I can help. If you are not ready to get organized, I can help move you in the direction of being so.

It all feels so overwhelming. Is there any hope?

You’ll be amazed at how energizing this process is and how quickly your hope is restored.

What do I do with all my unwanted items?

I’ll gladly cart off your discards and leave you with a tax receipt. Some things go for donation and some to the dump.

Can you recommend products for me to purchase?

Yes. Most people don’t end up needing to spend much money on products. Once we sort & purge, the items that deserve to live in your space usually fit just fine with what you already have.

Do you install shelving?

Not personally. I refer this aspect of organizing to professionals skilled in this area. These people are not employed by me, but they are accountable to me, and I a familiar with their work and integrity.

What if I need help after I get organized? Are you available for follow up and support?

Yes! Part of my service is follow-up calls & appointments. I don’t judge for backsliding, as it can be part of the natural process on the way to getting organized. I do, however, trouble shoot setback possibilities with you to try and avoid backsliding.

Do you travel?

Yes, and I charge travel time for anything over 15 minutes from my hometown.

Do you have assistants?

Yes. Depending on the situation and the need, I have people who help me with many aspects of a project. Moving heavy furniture, transporting large amounts of discards, working side by side with me in whatever capacity needed.

Do you clean as you go?

I do a cursory clean of all areas organized. If we contract for a heavier cleaning, I am glad to do it.